Construction Questions

ArrowQ: | What are the square footage, age and type of construction?

A | Our homes are typically older built properties that are early 1900’s construction. Very well built and durable and mostly brick construction with some frame. The average size of our units are around 900-1100 square feet per apartment. Some people assume newer construction homes are better, we think the opposite. When you buy an older property that is constructed the way our buildings were, the property itself has been around for many years and has dealt with the earth’s natural movement and shifts. With newer construction, chances are developers have built properties to maximize profit by minimizing costs and the property hasn’t had much time to shift along with the earth and problems may arise costing thousands of dollars in expenses.

ArrowQ: | What kind of Rehab does Elite Do?

A | Almost all of our properties are fully rehabbed inside and out. Here is a list of items we fix during the rehab process of our properties:


Exterior: Tuckpointing, Porch repairs/replacement, roof/chimney repairs/replacement, Garage repairs, concrete sidewalk repairs, window repairs or replacement (must be dual pane). New landscaping for maximum curb appeal.


Mechanicals: New Electrical systems with hard wired conduit and new service panels and meter banks, Plumbing systems are brand new with PVC and new copper piping and new heaters. Heating systems are new and old boilers are removed and replaced with new individual furnaces with new gas lines and ducts ran to each unit.


Interior: Our units are very modern and upgraded to resemble downtown luxury style condos. Our kitchens have brand new ceramic tile with 42inch Espresso colored cabinets, and granite countertops with modern hotel style backsplash, brush nickel sink and faucets. Our bathrooms have matching espresso colored vanities with granite tops and matching mirrors with modern light fixtures. We have new toilets and bath tubs with very modern tile surrounds. All of our doors are 6 panel doors with hardwood flooring/laminate, we do not use carpet in our units. We remove all of the old plaster walls and install new drywall with new baseboards and modern colored paint schemes. New vent covers, door knobs, light fixtures

ArrowQ: | How long is the construction process?

A | The average length of construction for our homes is approximately 90 days depending on the time of year. Construction is a little slower in the Winter time. The length of time is due to the extent of the renovation and the number of internal inspections each property must go through.

ArrowQ: | How many projects does Elite have going on at any given time?

A | Generally we have a minimum of 20 projects going on at the same time.