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Elite Invest

Providing Income producing investment properties that perform at an Elite level.

Imagine if you could create wealth for yourself by purchasing turn-key investment properties one at a time with little to no effort. Your partner (us) would source tenants, collect rents, complete work orders, handle all move-in and move-outs as well as pay your bills. Would you buy more? The answer is yes, and many of our clients or partners as we call them do! The key to financial freedom is having multiple income streams and passive ones for that matter. Elite

Our commitment has always been to seek out the absolute best income producing real estate opportunities in world-class cities such as Chicago, where housing demand, rent to price ratios are high and jobs are plentiful. Through trial and error we have learned like any business what works and what doesn’t. What areas are most desirable for tenants, what do tenants prefer to have in their properties to keep them rented and where can we find consistent inventory. Chicago, IL is the 3rd largest city in the United States and it creates a very favorable market for landlords to own rental properties since a large part of the City rents.

At Elite, we strive for excellence and continue to improve and refine our business model each and every day. Every property we buy goes through an extensive rehab process insuring that we have the most contemporary look. Creating and branding ourselves this way make tenants want to call Elite properties their home. We take pride in this process and ensure that our rehab quality is superior to other rental properties on the market. Our highly trained staff and dedicated resources are passionate about creating a vertically integrated business model that handles and controls everything from start to finish as well as through the property management phase.


Meet The Team

Alex Al-Sabah,


As Co-Founder of the Elite Brands, Mr. Al-Sabah’s primary role is to ensure company profitability by allocating investor capital and placing it into strategic Real Estate investments while simultaneously mitigating risk. In addition, Mr. Al-Sabah is responsible for overseeing the financial operations of the Company, including, but not limited to debt and equity structuring as well as investor relations.

Prior to co-founding Elite and its subsidiary companies, Mr. Al-Sabah Co-Founded and built one of the top Turn-Key residential companies in the United States based in Chicago, IL before restructuring his previous partnership to start Elite Invest, LLC.   He has done $200 million in real estate deals, closed over 1000 transactions, and currently has $120 million under management, and 1500 units under our management.

Sundeep Lamba,

Real Estate Broker

Sundeep “Sunny” Lamba is one of Chicago’s Top Real Estate Brokers. He possesses a tremendous amount of experience purchasing and selling distressed real estate. He has successfully closed over 450 transactions and has been a party to over $50M in residential real estate sales within the past four years. His main responsibility as Co-founder of Elite, is to direct the Acquisition, Sales and Business Development components for the Company.

Prior to Co-Founding Elite, Sunny was a Principal in an industry recognized Real Estate Brokerage Company in the Chicagoland area, which focused primarily on investor based residential real estate transactions. He quickly became an expert working with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and many other Government Sponsored Entities (GSEs).

Jillian Lundgren,

Rental Director

Jillian oversees the financial, accounting, and administrative affairs of Elite’s property management company. She is responsible for budget compliance, and the preparation, reconciliation, and reporting of financial statements, as well as insurance, tax, and related debt. Jillian’s diverse experience within the real estate industry and technology has given her the ability to understand the different positions within the property management industry, and create cost reduction initiatives. She ensures that our property management company is performing at the highest-level possible for both it’s owners, and tenants.

Michael Haynes,

Director of Field Operations

As the Director of Field Operations, Mike is responsible for all operating aspects of the assets owned and managed by Elite. Mike has a strong background in maintenance and operations spanning over 25 years. He is charged with supervising the maintenance department, dispatching work orders, following up on tenant requests, implementing preventative maintenance programs, and training service technicians. Mike ensures that Elite’s field staff is operating at the highest standards possible by reducing distractions, and improving efficiency.

Levell Wilcox,

Head Property Manager

Levell has an extensive background in property management, and property management operations; his experience includes the following market segments: Conventional, Chicago Housing Authority, Chicago Low-Income Trust Fund, Senior, and HUD. Levell provides hands on support and supervision of the leasing, tenant sourcing, marketing, and move in/out coordination. In addition, Levell has hands on management of accounts payable, and accounts receivable, ensuring that rent is received and owner accounts are updated in a timely manner.

Terrance Hood,

Assistant Project manager

Terrence reports directly to the Director of Construction, and assists with the planning, scheduling, and coordination of our construction projects. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in management. He meets with city inspectors several times throughout the rehab process to ensure our mechanicals, porches, and building exteriors are all in compliance with the City of Chicago’s many ordinances and requirements. Terrence’s ability manage multiple tasks, balance competing priorities, and responding quickly to changes and company needs is essential to the construction department.